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The past and the future hold memories that only myself can answer. The trials and tribulations that I experienced as a young lady taught me a lot about life and the meaning of life. I can only hold myself accountable for my own actions. The life I made for myself became an adventure, but I made the best of it. Who I was back then? I could not answer that question then, but I can answer the question now. The life values of one made me the person I am today. Life values are like a box of chocolate, and I will never know what it was like; until I experienced from be independent, but I can only take one step at a time. I am the one who holds the key to my life and my future to be.

Leaving the “nest” was the first step I had to take in order to make it I in this world. I had to do this for me in order to see what was out there in the world. I knew the world had a lot to offer me, but I did not know what it was. I never made a plan for my life. I figured my life will develop as it comes. I wanted to take on challenges that I have never dreamed of and obstacles that will help me develop my character as a young lady. Who was I? I could not answer that question then. I took a look back into the past for the very last time; from there on, I looked straight forward into my future. The future I was going to make for myself was a mystery, but I felt like I knew what I needed to do to develop my own personality and that is what I did.

My personal development started as soon as I stepped my foot into the world full of opportunities. I did not know how to go about developing my independence, but I knew it had to start from somewhere. Somewhere down the line, I had to set rules for myself. I had to stand on my own two feet without any kind of financial support from my family. I threw myself to the “wolf”, so I can understand what there is to life. If it was not for me taking initiative for my independence; nevertheless, I would have been lost in this world. I would have been eaten alive with no hope or success that I wanted to accomplish over the years to come.

In fact, I had believed in myself, without the guidance from my family; therefore, I had to believe I can do this on my own. I needed to develop some kind of discipline. My family was not there to guide my, so I had to do what I thought was best for me. I believed I can do anything if I put my mind to it. In due time, I had enough confidence to maintain on my own. I needed to start setting goals for myself. I had to come up with a solution on how I was going to survive in the world. My first thought was coming up with a plan to go to school. It was hard getting around on public transportation; nevertheless, I did not give up. I decided to go back to school full-time at Academy of Court Reporting.

I like to do secretary work, so I thought I would try to go for legal secretary. I became very familiar with people at my school; therefore, I was able to car pool with a couple of people from my class. As time went on, I became very weary of the profession I picked. I had to think things over about what makes me happy. I decided to try another profession, and I was very sure about this other profession I picked.

Many things that me my happy, and eager to go to school was Administrative Assistant work. As soon as I arrived at the school of choice, which was Detroit School of Business; after meeting with an advisor, going through all the paper work; all of sudden, I was told they do not accept financial aid. I felt like the world was tumbling down on top of my head. I did not know what to do, so I decided to go to another school until I find a school that best fit my needs. I always kept my head up even when it poured rain on the top of my head; nevertheless, I stayed focus and positive.

I had to stay positive and have structure to my life. Without these two things, I would be lost in this big world. I worked odd end jobs, making what I can make to survive. I thought about going back to school, but I figured I am going to wait before I enroll into another institute. I made a list of things that I love to do; things that would keep my interest. Last but not least, I thought about the classes I took in high school that I enjoyed taking. I figured this will eliminate all barriers to my success of completing college.

The profession I chose was Business Administration because I enjoyed paperwork, computer software, and public relations. I enrolled at Oakland Community College in 2007. Everything was great; until something happened with my financial aid. I had to stop going, and I was very upset at the time. It felt like something was trying to hold me back from succeeding, but I continued to put my best foot forward. I always stayed positive and I never gave up on continuing my education.

I never said what I cannot do. I always kept positive outlook on life. I worked overtime and two jobs just to save up some money to get me a car, so I can attend school and work without any distractions. It has been over four years since I have been in school. I know I needed to go back to school. English and math is used in everyday life; especially, it is used in every job field I come across. I decided to enroll in Wayne County Community College. I went to one of the campus on the west side of Detroit. I enrolled into school; now I had to do my financial aid, so I had to make an appointment to see one of the advisors.

It was crowded, and it was a three hour wait, so I decided to reschedule, once the representative told me that it would a longer waiting time for me to see anyone. I replied, “Ok, I will come back tomorrow at the same time.” I get there, the same thing happened, so I decided to stay. Again, I waited for three hours. I did this for three days straight, trying to see an advisor about my financial aid. I told myself I will try this for the last time. I arrived at WCCC at 8:00 a.m. The office opened at 9:00 a.m., so I knew I was going to be the first they see. I waited until after 10:00, the advisors did not arrive at all. I was determined to get back into school.

I was not going to give up so easily. It was me and another person there waiting to see someone and they was telling me how Henry Ford Community College is much better and how they have so much to offer in the program I was interested into getting in. Once I head that, I took the person advice; I jumped out of my seat and drove to Henry Ford Community College.

In one day, I enrolled, did my financial aid, took my compass test, and registered for my classes. I think that person was my angel, if it was not for that person, I would have been at WCCC going through some problems. I was determined to get back into school. I was not going to allow anyone or anything get in the way of what I was trying to accomplish. Now it is up to me to do the rest of the work.

Taking one step at a time and staying grounded comes from staying disciplined and determined. I have been at Henry Ford Community College since June of 2012. I had taken a positive approach into finishing my degree in Medical Practice/Faculty Business Management. I am determined I can do this. I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I put my social life on hold, and I distance myself from those who did not make a positive reflection in my life. I surround myself with positive and motivated individuals. I refuse to allow anyone come in between my education, I always kept a positive attitude. It took me a long time to get here, and now that I am here; therefore, I am ready to take on the world.


I'm Mary

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